“Data Mine, an ongoing project by the photographer Cassandra Zampini speaks to the complex contemporary tapestry that weaves and warps the personal obsessions of self-expression, self-identity and self-discovery through the use of the “selfie” in social media. In her first New York exhibition, Ms. Zampini is exhibiting seven large scale composite portraits comprised of thousands of images downloaded from Instagram, chosen from over the 2.5 million images she has so far collected. Carefully chosen and organized, the images are arranged by pose, processed to be monochromatic and then deliberately arranged in patterns that create a tonal range from near complete opaqueness to negative form, then transforming to positive images and back again. The titles are hashtags Ms. Zampini applies to describe the poses, followed by the amount of time it took to upload the images at a rate of approximately 750 new selfies per second….Read More